ETA team members have earned their stripes in Project Development, having pursued their own greenfield projects in the electric power, renewable energy, oil & gas, petrochemical and mining industries.  This direct experience allows ETA to offer clients the upfront technical, contractual, procedural, and financing support necessary to frame and execute a new development. With strong emphasis on planning, schedule, and cost, ETA’s pre-defined decision gates and cost control measures help to ensure that each phase of the project is vetted and well understood prior to moving to the next phase.

Notable Projects

  • Energy Development Group (EDG)​ – ETA members led the project development and financing activities of EDG. The team provided preliminary design, interconnection support, air, water, and wastewater permitting, water rights appropriation, community involvement, and zoning support for over 4,000 MWs of new greenfield natural gas-fired generation. EDG also became the first developer to receive funding from GE Power Systems following its proven ability to achieve permit completion at a fraction of the cost of its peers.
  • Refined Energy Holdings​ – Refined Energy Holdings (REH), funded by D. E. Shaw Group and Goldman Sachs, and managed by ETA members, was the developer of $2B nitrogen-based fertilizer project, which was subsequently sold to a NY based infrastructure fund. ETA members led the technical and permitting aspects of the development, established strategic teaming relationships with key technology providers, led negotiations with NGOs and government officials, and worked closely with private equity partners to structure and execute key commercial agreements.
  • Guam Power Authority​ – ETA members assisted the Guam Power Authority with the permitting of several generating stations including two low-speed, residual oil-fired 40MW generators in an area designated as non-attainment for SO​2.​ A key component to the permitting effort was the application of an exemption under 325 of the Clean Air Act to allow for fuel switching based on contemporaneous wind-direction. ETA members also performed the air quality modeling to support the successful re-designation of the Piti Peninsula from non-attainment to attainment.

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