Based in Denver, Colorado and Vancouver, Canada, Energy Transaction Advisors was formed in 2016. ETA was created as a boutique advisory firm, bringing together a small team of industry-leading engineering and financial experts with decades of experience working together, and consistently delivering customized engineering/advisory services and solutions to its global energy and infrastructure clients.

700+ Projects in 30+ Countries

What differentiates ETA, and what allows it to cost-effectively add value to its clients, is the depth and range of projects that its individual team members have led, managed, or been advisors to. The senior members of the ETA team have collectively participated in over 700 projects in over 30 countries across all energy sectors, have been involved in the securing and deployment of over $100 billion in best-in-class project capital, and have led the development of over 40 projects through to successful permitting and zoning completion.

New Energy Technology

ETA is also well positioned to help its clients participate in the accelerating shift towards greener sources of energy supply and delivery. In addition to having experience with proven solar, wind, and battery storage technologies, ETA team members also have expertise in several emerging areas of bio-energy, including gasification, waste-to-energy, hydrogen, and fertilizers. Our process engineers have participated in new technology scale-ups, process integration, and energy balancing, and can provide advisory services to our clients as they consider investments in these exciting fields.

Broad, Relevant Experience

ETA’s professionals have broad experience serving as senior executives of public and privately held energy companies, leading world-class project developments, and assessing/directing hundreds of power, oil and gas, industrial and mining projects. These projects range across all technology and fuel types, and extend from feasibility and design through permitting, contracts, financing-support, construction, and operations. It is this broad, commercially oriented experience, including lead and support roles in numerous restructurings and turnarounds, that allows ETA to put just the right people on your project, help you identify and mitigate your project and financial risks, and deliver the tailored services you require.

Wide Range of Clientele

Clients of ETA include private equity, infrastructure funds, investment banks, lenders, law firms, utilities, power generators, oil & gas producers/transport/storage, project developers, commercial industry, and government agencies.

Helping lead modern solutions to meet
growing worldwide energy demand