Applying knowledge gained from our proven performance on numerous projects, ETA team members have helped their clients develop opportunities worldwide.  ETA team members have excelled at providing detailed project support and advisory services designed to assist in every stage from project conception through to completion/commercial operations.  ETA team members develop conceptual designs with a mind to technical evaluation, contract and entitlement requirements and financing considerations.  We can lead technology evaluation and selection efforts, aid in project contract negotiation, evaluate bid packages to enable selection of contractors and technology providers, develop a sound financing plan and provide for overall disciplined project execution.  By leveraging our practical expertise, ETA provides technical and financial guidance to simplify your decisions, project planning, and execution, and drive to maximum project value.

Notable Projects

  • Resort Energy Ventures, USA​ – An ETA member led the feasibility study for a combined heat and power (CHP) project at the Grand Wailea Resort on the Island of Maui. After assessing the resort’s energy needs, development of a CHP system was recommended to decrease the resort’s dependence on the local electric utility, and to realize substantial near-term cost savings. The ETA member provided the resort with preliminary engineering and cost estimates for the CHP system as well as a bid package to allow the resort to move forward with final design and installation of the project through an EPC contract.
  • Biomass to Liquid Fuels Project​ – An ETA member aided a client in evaluating technologies for integration with their patented gasification and water treatment technology to process woody biomass and other waste products to produce Fischer Tropsch (FT) fuels, power, and chemicals. The ETA member was responsible for developing a process model to evaluate gasification, gas cleanup, carbon capture, FT synthesis, refining and power generation technologies. The client was awarded a construction contract for the pyrolysis and gasification portion of a woody biomass to FT jet and diesel fuels project. The ETA member aided the client in contract negotiation, detailed design review, and integration of the technology with other project technology providers.
  • Olkaria 1 Geothermal Power Plant, Kenya​ – ETA members helped lead the preparation of a feasibility study for the 45 MW Olkaria 1 geothermal power plant, located in Africa’s Rift Valley. After 32 years of operation, the ETA members performed detailed operational and financial analysis to aid in the decision to refurbish or rebuild the plant and supporting infrastructure.
  • Tangkuban Perahu Geothermal Plant, Indonesia​ – An ETA member was part of a team engaged to perform a feasibility study of a 110 MW flash geothermal power plant in West Java, which was supported by a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency. The ETA member was responsible for developing a financial model to evaluate the financial and economic performance of the plant.

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