ETA team members have acted as developer, independent engineer and owner’s engineer on numerous projects in the hydrogen and biofuels sectors. ETA has experience in the various “colors” of hydrogen and its end products, including participation in large scale gasification, reformation, electrolyzer, methane pyrolysis, ammonia and synfuel projects.

ETA’s activities have included technology selection, heat/mass balance/process integration modeling, assessment of project design and financial viability, procurement of regulatory permits, construction monitoring, EPC contract management support, and assistance in overseeing/troubleshooting commissioning and design modifications.

Notable Projects

  • Green Hydrogen Project – ETA was engaged to provide development, technical, and financial due diligence on a multi-phase greenfield hydrogen project located along the Texas Gulf Coast. The Project will be designed to electrolyze water using renewable energy resources to produce “Green” hydrogen. ETA’s scope of work included underground facilities, process engineering, electrolyzer technology, project economics, and potential commodity transport reviews.
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Liquid Fuels Project – ETA performed technical and financial due diligence on a first-of-kind MSW
    to renewable transportation fuels project. ETA reviewed the status of technology commercialization, including scale-up risk and technology integration risk, advising the client on potential risks to project performance and schedule, and provided potential mitigative actions. ETA verified heat and material balances, commissioning status, and validated the technical inputs to the financial model. Future growth projects were also evaluated based on technical feasibility and future capital and operating costs,
    accounting for further scale up in project capacity. Helping turn your concept into an operating success
  • Biomass to Liquid Fuels Project – An ETA member aided a client in evaluating technologies for integration with their patented gasification and water treatment technology to process woody biomass and other waste products to produce Fischer Tropsch (FT) fuels, power, and chemicals. The ETA member was responsible for developing a process model to evaluate gasification, gas cleanup, carbon capture, FT synthesis, refining and power generation technologies. The client was awarded a construction contract for the pyrolysis and gasification portion of a woody biomass to FT jet and diesel fuels project. The ETA member aided the client in contract negotiation, detailed design review, and integration of the technology with other project technology providers.
  • Methane Pyrolysis Project – ETA was engaged to provide owners engineering services on a first-of-kind methane pyrolysis technology. The technology was in early-stage development, and ETA’s scope of work included a feasibility review of the technology including a literature review, building a process model to confirm assumptions related to the heat and material balance, review of materials of construction and aiding the client in identification of potential equipment vendors.

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